You can see DOOM from here


This picture comes from:, and it is a sad story of a whimper, not a bang. It’s doubly sad when you consider we had a bang as well, in 2007.

Anyhow, what you’re looking at here is the shining, increased productivity in some awesome sectors of the economy (in black) and the sad fat trombone bleat of everyone else (in grey). That’s labor moving from high productivity to low productivity. It’s labor leaving the factory and greeting people at Walmart, and it’s a curve that’s been sliding down for thirty years.

It’s not going to get better for a very long time, and this does very much look like the new normal.


Author: S Peter Cordner

I’m an upper-middle class white male with an education and a raft of luck and an inability to keep too many thoughts to myself. I read RSS feeds like they keep me alive and need intellectual stimulation like mice need cheese. Politically I'm progressive conservative; inside America this is probably a confusing phrase, but most of Europe gets it. I'm also a practicing student of zen and consider myself a pantheist though it pretty much never comes up in discussion. :)

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