Bernie Sanders and democracy get screwed in Nevada

There’s no way to lash out in fear that conveys strength


The only reason this stands out is because we thought we got rid of party bosses. Apparently we didn’t, we just thought we did. It’s a quirk of unfinished business.

I get that democracy is dangerous. It leads to all kinds of unfortunate outcomes – Hamas winning in Gaza, or the Muslim Brotherhood winning in Egypt. Of course, bombs and coups can make up the difference in foreign lands. Here, it need not be so violent: pretending to follow rules is as good as following rules so long as you’re in charge.

What’s kind of gross about this is that Hillary is going to win the nomination, with or without superdelegates. This doesn’t need to happen. It did because a threat to power, a belief that control isn’t a given, that the mob may have a voice, are so dangerous that they should be quashed on sight. This is bigger than the count, and the very real fact that Hillary will win on the merit of her popularity among state Democratic nominations. This is the system showing itself out of fear, because it cannot tolerate dissent.

Hillary will win on her own appeal to the people. That’s fine. It’s not how I’d like it to go, but it’s how it is. But this is something different; it’s how the acceptable and unacceptable ideas are filtered by the aristocracy. This is how the deeper game goes, and it’s showing its seams out of fear.

If the GOP could’ve pulled this off, it would’ve. Instead it wrote about #NeverTrump for nine months and then followed up with what will be #AnyoneButHillary. The Democratic machine, too, could’ve learned to deal with a counterinsurgent campaign, but the limited candidate field created conditions for Hillary’s victory. There’s been an active effort in America from the major parties to shut down major constituencies within the parties, and its a telling battle.

Author: S Peter Cordner

I’m an upper-middle class white male with an education and a raft of luck and an inability to keep too many thoughts to myself. I read RSS feeds like they keep me alive and need intellectual stimulation like mice need cheese. Politically I'm progressive conservative; inside America this is probably a confusing phrase, but most of Europe gets it. I'm also a practicing student of zen and consider myself a pantheist though it pretty much never comes up in discussion. :)

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