Some thoughts on Lenin

Too much thought, with no heart, and zero self-awareness


Lenin was an amazing person; in the modern era there haven’t been many like him, and they’re almost all universally destructive.

I think the best example of this is how the Revolution started: Lenin had been in exile in Germany, kept under wraps, barred from returning to Russia. Towards the end of the Great War, a desperate Germany released him to Russia.

However, they didn’t just “release him”. They negotiated with the Swiss, put him in a train car, sealed it, and had the train run the length of Germany before being opened again. They treated him like an active biological agent, a vicious infection vector, because he was. The Revolution was a movement prior to Lenin’s arrival, but one among many; he successfully executed a coup and overthrew the government within six months. Within a year communists inside and especially outside Russia were already decrying his dictatorship and lack of democratic institutions as a betrayal. 

He was an utterly committed, brutal man of one goal, with morals and ethics – even Marxism itself – pushed aside to achieve that goal. It’s amazing what he was able to accomplish, and how almost inevitable it all seems given his reputation among his enemies and allies.

A Cynical New Low

A destructive, idiotic tax plan that seems to purposefully be crafted to do damage

This is the most cynical, disruptive, baseless change in the tax code since Bush’s giveaway. It runs up a huge deficit to the tune of $1.5T, but does offer up a fig leaf of increasing taxes on America’s bottom half so it at least feels like its screwing someone. Why not do away with that bit and just make it a cool $2T? No, better throw the country’s account into the toilet with a little English on the ball, the bootstraps crowd will eat it up on Fox and the radio.

Meanwhile, the largest living, breathing beneficiaries of the bill are… foreign investors. Not Americans. Not even rich Americans. Our economy is so financialized the America First #MAGA party can’t even figure out a way to actually make America first; we’ve sold it all so much that it isn’t even ours anymore to play with.

I think the most offensive thing in all this is that it doesn’t have to be like this. A little over half the country literally, state-by-state, district-by-district, chose these assholes.